Robato Hatohara (鳩原呂羽人, Hatohara Robato) is the main character of Robot x Laserbeam. He's previously first year student at EIAI Academy and joins its golf club after being challenged by Youzan Miura, who requests that one day he rises to his level so they can have another match. 3 years later, he finally graduated from high school and become professional golfer.

He is nicknamed Robo (ロボ, Robo) by his friends and classmates due to being as methodical and expressionless as a robot.

He is the only child of Shimon Hatohara, a Japanese chef,[1] and Mrs. Hatohara, a Scottish woman from whom Robo gets his naturally red hair.[2]


He has red, disheveled hair described as flashy[3] and brown eyes, sometimes depicted as black. He wears black rimmed eyeglasses.

Robo is usually expressionless, which can be unsettling and hard to read for other people.


Robo is extremely honest, straitlaced, and methodical. He is irritated by unprecise information, which he can be stubborn about obtaining to a fault. He is said to be unable to take a hint, and as such, despite being bullied as a child due to his red hair, he was not aware of the fact until alerted by Tomoya, nor does he let it affect him.

Under his expressionless face, he is pretty competitive toward opponents he finds worthy, and very driven to overcome his faults as a golf player by observation, trial, and error.


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Tomoya Nakata

Nakata is one of Robato's closest friends. He approached Robato on his own and kept talking to him while other classmates decided to stay away.

Youzan Miura

He is Robato's rival and his motivation to play and be a better golfer.


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  • The first character of his last name, 鳩 hato, means "pigeon" or "dove". Also, the last two syllables of his name, 羽人, can also be read as hato (dove). The character 羽 (ha or hane) also means "feathers".
  • He's good at arcade.[4]
  • He won a toilet seat in a golf game at a golf tournament.[5]
  • He likes fried bread.
  • Kazama x Rin x Robo

    The love chart ^.^ <3

    In Tomoya's thoughts, he thinks that Rin has a crush on Robato, even though Kazama had a crush on her.


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