Sota Karasuma (烏丸 草太 Sota Karasuma) is a character of Robot x Laserbeam. He is a second year student at EIAI Academy and is the Golf Club's current ace. He is also titled The Magician of the Wedge. In the pro world, his name is quite known but he still has to win a competition, earning him another nickname, The Uncrowned Ace.


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Karasuma comes off as capricious towards golf, having scored a double bogey in one of their training games but pulling through when necessary (-6 in the match vs Touhoku). Osanai calls him a genius at golf. He's usually laidback but can get a menacing aura when provoked. When Robo mentioned that he wanted to have a match with Youzan as soon as possible, it elicited a reaction from him and offered himself to be Robo's opponent for the regular spot quickly.


Karasuma appears to be well known nationally and has been given the nickname The Magician of the Wedge. This is because everything within 70 yards is considered his territory with the seven color technique approach[1].


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Seven Color Approach Technique

The seven color approach technique is a set of technique that Karasuma can pull off within the 70 yards of the hole, earning him the nickname The Magician/Wizard of the Wedge.

Crimson Blaze

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 3.26.56 AM

Crimson Blaze

A slow, low shot that has a quick backspin.

Azure Bead

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  • Miura Youzan

It has been mentioned that Karasuma lost to Youzan in a match the winter before his 2nd year in high school. Like many of the characters, he wants to be acknowledged by Youzan as a rival. It has been noted by Rion that Karasuma practiced more often after losing to Youzan.

  • Suzaku Kyousuke

Suzaku has a certain interest in Karasuma and acknowledges him because of his skills. He has referred to him once as his "toy", a term Suzaku uses for players who he thinks can actually challenge him in golf.

  • Rion Osanai

They were on the same year in high school and both went pro after graduating. It was implied that Rion only gets the chance to hang out with Karasuma from time to time.


  • "I can safely say I've been giving it 100%. But then I realized there are people who are actually giving it 120%. Those people improve at a tremendous rate. But it's not like we're incomparable. We're all human. I'm not about to give up and roll over just because they're good."[2]


  • Like the other characters' names bearing bird-related characters, the first character in his surname, 烏 karasu, means crow. In addition, the first character in his firstname, 草 sou, means grass or pasture (in reference to the playing area of golf).


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