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Tadatoshi Fujimaki (Japanese: 藤巻 忠俊 Hepburn: Fujimaki Tadatoshi, born 9 June 1982 in Tokyo) is a Japanese manga artist, most known for his manga Kuroko's Basketball and Robot x LaserBeam serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump. He also illustrated the light novel series ƒ -Replace-, -Replace 2-, -Replace 3- and -Replace 4-.


Fujimaki attended Toyama High School and enrolled to Sophia University. He chose for a Manga career after finishing his studies.

Early life

  • March 2006: twelfth in the Jump Manga Rookie Award, finalist in the GEKISHIN!contest.
  • November 2006: twelfth in the Jump Manga Rookie Award with a one-shot of Kuroko no Basuke.
  • Spring 2007: One-Shot Kuroko no Basuke published in Jump The Revolution!
  • January 2009: Kuroko no Basuke series begins publishing in Weekly Shōnen Jump.
  • September 2011: Kuroko no Basuke receives an anime adaption.
  • December 2012: A second season for Kuroko no Basuke is confirmed.
  • October 2013: The second season of the anime begins.
  • December 2014: Finished the manga of Kuroko no Basuke.
  • January 2015: The third season of the anime begins
  • June 2015: The manga sequel begins
  • March 2016: The manga sequel ends.
  • March 2017: ROBOT×LASERBEAM series begins publishing in Weekly Shōnen Jump and the American Shonen Jump.[1][2][3]
  • June 2018: ROBOTxLASERBEAM series ends


  • On Nikkei Entertainment's list of most successful manga artist's he ranked 25th.[4]
  • Although he isn't a character of Kuroko no Basuke he ranked 15th in the first and 16th in the second character poll.
  • On October 16, 2013, threatening letters were sent to Fujimaki and high schools and colleges affiliated with him. The letters carried the message "If you do not stop the parody manga, you will get hydrogen sulfide", accompanying unknown powder substances.[5] After the arrival of many other threat letters, Fujimaki eventually stated that he will continue the manga "no matter what".[6] On December 16, 2013, the suspect was finally arrested. Not an acquaintance of Fujimaki, he told the police that he was "jealous of [author's] success."[7]
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE, Fujimaki's favourite NBA team is the Los Angeles Clippers. His all-time favourite player is Chris Paul.
  • Fujimaki favours drawing a manga series about golf when he is finished with Kuroko no Basuke.
  • According to him, Junpei Hyūga resembles him the most among all the characters in the series as both of them share several similar traits in personality.


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