Tomoya Nakata (中田 トモヤ Nakata Tomoya) is a main character of Robot x Laserbeam. He was previously a first year student at EIAI academy and member of its golf club. He decided to start playing golf after finding out about the prize money for professional players in golf.


He has brown eyes and brown hair.


He is enthusiastic, shy, friendly, coward, and talkative.


Robato Hatohara

Prior to joining the Golf Club, he was Robato's best friend. Robato has once thanked Tomoya for this.

As Robato became a professional golfer, he became Robato's caddy. Unlike Robato, he can take note of the wind direction and strength, as well as being very detailed, from the terrain slopes to the minor terrain objects in a course -- skills that are deemed basic for golfers. These skills are proven to be very helpful, as evidenced by aiding in both Robato's first display of his Miracle Precision[1] and the 350-yard drive on the 9th Hole in the Last Day of Dyzon Open[2].


  • "I mean, it's good! I mean, it's not horrible! But isn't money the most precious thing?" [2]


  • Kazama x Rin x Robo

    The love chart ^.^ <3

    In Tomoya's thoughts, he thinks that Rin has a crush on Robato, even though Kazama had a crush on her.


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